Enclosed Letterboards

Enclosed Letterboard (AD) Specs

  • Interior Use Only
  • Interior and Exterior Use
  • Shatterproof resistant acrylic windows
  • Frame: 1" wide, 2" deep
  • Frame Finish: Satin Anodized Aluminum
  • Wall Hanging Brackets included
  • Interior Letterboard surface: Black felt
  • Exterior Letterboard surface: Black vinyl

Board TypePriceOrder
Double Frame Letterboard 18" x 24"$309.65Order
Double Frame Corkboard 18" x 24"$219.65Order
Double Frame Letterboard 24" x 36"$365.36Order
Double Frame Corkboard 24" x 36"$331.08Order
Double Frame Letterboard 42" x 32"$630.00Order
Double Frame Corkboard 42" x 32"$489.65Order
Double Frame Letterboard 48" x 36"$657.86Order
Double Frame Corkboard 48" x 36"$504.65Order
Double Frame Letterboard 60" x 36"$782.15Order
Double Frame Corkboard 60" x 36"$606.43Order
Double Frame Letterboard 72" x 36"$995.36Order
Double Frame Corkboard 72" x 36"$774.65Order
Double Frame Letterboard 72" x 48"$1152.86Order
Double Frame Corkboard 72" x 48"$942.86Order
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